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Milk and milk products processing, preservation and utilization in Gimbi district, West Wollega zone, Ethiopia

Amanuel Bekuma, Tekalign Tadesse, Lemma Fita, Ulfina Galmessa


This study was conducted in Gimbi district, West Wollega zone to understand the traditional handling, processing and utilization of milk and milk products. 128 households were selected based on ownership of dairy cows, milk processing, handling, and utilization practice. Accordingly, Lantana trifolia (Kusaayee), Ocimum sanctum (Basoobilaa), Olea Africana (Qoraasuma) and Deinboll (Dabaqqa) were the most commonly  cleaning and smoking plant species in the district. Yoghurt-like fermented/sour milk, traditional butter, traditional ghee, cottage cheese (Ayib), buttermilk and whey were the major milk products produced in the district. Women preserve butter by mixing with spices such as Zingiber officinale (Jinjibila), Allium sativum (Qulubbii adii), Ocimum (Siqaqibee) and Trigonella foenum (Sunqoo). Out of the total daily milk produced, most of it was processed (70.5%), 8% was sold while the left was consumed within the household (21.5%). Among milk and milk products produced, only butter was supplied to local markets. Lack of cooling facilities; low volume of milk production; unimproved milk processing materials and limited knowledge on handling and processing of milk and milk products were the major constraints. Recognizing the importance milk and milk products to the producing household nutrition, health and income, development interventions are required to boost production, improve the quality of the products and efficiency of the traditional milk processing equipment.


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