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The effects of cooking on protein content and nutritional composition of fatty acid of broilers meat fed on green oak acorn (Quercus ilex)

Hamou Hadjira, Sisbane Ismahane, Bouderoua Kaddour


The aim of this work was to analyse the effects of cooking  on proteins and nutritional composition of fatty acid of broilers fed on green oak acorn (GOA). The broilers were divided into two groups and they were given either experimental diet (50% corn and 50% of GOA) or control diet (C) (67% corn). At 56 days, twenty broilers from each group were slaughtered and their breast meat was prepared. Proteins and fatty acid (FA) composition of the muscle were determined. Dietary GOA affected fatty acid (FA) profile of breast muscle by significantly increasing polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and reducing saturated fatty acids (SFA) as compared with controls. After cooking, the lipids are in larger amounts in the muscle of control chickens compared to those fed on GOA. The results from this study showed that supplemented diet with GOA increased PUFA content of the meat.


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