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An incidental case of perianal gland adenoma in a stray dog

L.G. Devi, A. Choudhari, N.D. Singh, H.S. Banga, P.D. Gadhave


A naturally dead stray dog suffering from perianal gland adenoma was reported here. On post-mortem examination 5 cm large ulcerated mass was found at the base of tail partially obstructing anal opening. Histologically the tumour comprised of large round neoplastic cells with round centrally located nuclei, eosinophilic cytoplasm and well distinct cell borders which were surrounded by single layered hyperchromatic reserve cells. The neoplastic mass showed encapsulation by fibrous tissue and trabeculae in between. The mass was supposed to be affecting normal defecation process leading to constipation and subsequent toxaemia leading to death of the dog.

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