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Original Article

Modeling and simulation to predict nitrogen deposition influenced by the porosity and the coefficient of inhibition in the coastal area of port Harcourt, Niger delta of Nigeria PDF
S.N. Eluozo 29-40
A biometric study of some reproductive components of the male domestic mongrel cat’s (Felis catus domestica) in northwest Nigeria PDF
M.A. Umaru, A. Bello, D. Musa, R.S. Dare 41-45
Epidemiological features of tuberculosis in the region of Prizren PDF
Fadil U. Kryeziu, Violeta Xh Kryeziu, Feim D Mazreku, Sejran Abdushi, Isuf Dedushaj 46-52
Health safety of drinking water in the Dragash zone PDF
Fadil U. Kryeziu, Sejran Abdushi, Tahire Gjergji, Feim Mazreku, Violeta Xh. Kryeziu, Razije Lipoveci, Nurishahe Hulaj 53-60

Case Report

Vaginal and uterine prolapse in a 3-year old ouda ewe in Sokoto, Nigeria PDF
A. Bello, M.A. Umaru, B.R. Alkali, M. Dalhatu, M.A. Mahmud 61-63
Caesarean operation to relieve dystocia due to left lateral deviation of the neck of the foetus in a four year’s old Sokoto Gudali heifer PDF
M.A. Umaru, A. Bello, U. Adamu, D. Musa, A.A. Abubakar, A. Jibril, S. Buhari 64-66