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Animal traction as source of farm power in rural areas of Sokoto state, Nigeria

M.A. Umaru, M. Dalhatu, A. Bello, H. Nawawi



Animal can be very important for carrying domestic water and fuel, reducing drudgery (particularly for women) and reducing time that can be used in other productive or socially important tasks. Foods production, distribution and rural trade are also assisted through animal-powered transport (on-farm, marketing, riding, pack transport. Animal power can also be used for water-lifting, milling, logging and land excavation and road construction Animal power requires little or no foreign exchange. Money invested in animal power circulates within rural areas, helping to revitalize rural economies. While motorized power also brings many benefits, animal power is normally more available and affordable to people in rural areas and fragile environments. The use of farm animal traction is actually on the increased in many countries, it should be included in educational curricula in secondary schools, polytechnics and universities in Nigeria. Government agricultural activities mostly focused on tractor power. There is no need for increased effort towards animal traction since it is a more affordable farm power. The paper aimed at drawing the attention of Extension agents, researchers, decision-makers and teachers on the need to bring animal power topics to focus.

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