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Modeling and simulation of partial deposition of phosphorous and heavy metal influenced by permeability and void ratio in soil and water in Oyigbo, rivers state of Nigeria

S.N. Eluozo


Partial depositions of phosphorous study were carried out to monitor the rate of its concentration at various formations, sequentially to ground water aquifers. The study where carried out through the development of mathematical model, the derived equation formulated generated theoretical values, the model values where compared with experimental values, both parameters developed a best fit as presented from the figures, the rate of phosphorous deposition generated the highest concentration at eighteen metres at the period of sixty days, while the lowest were expressed at thirty metres at the period of hundred days.  The concentration   at the highest degree where found within the fine and coarse sand formation, this is under the influences of high degree of void ratio and permeability in the study location, but at the aquiferious zone were the lowest concentration were recorded, the concentration reduces compared to the deposition within three to eighteen metres were the highest concentration where expressed , the concentration within the aquiferious zone were found to produce a parameters that must be compared with world health organization, if  the ground water  produced at those depth will be good for human utilization, the model is imperative because partial deposition in the study location can be monitored to determine the growth rate of microbial population  migrating to ground water aquifer in the study area.

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