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Mathematical model of inverse transport of bacterial in fine sand column in deltaic environment

S.N. Eluozo


Bacterial migration in soil and water environment under the influence of various soil characteristics has been expressed, the concepts is to monitor the transport process at various condition, bacterial  known to have a lot of variety of behaviour,  these condition were considered  when the system are developed, the major variables in the system are porosity of the soil, these  parameters determine the rate of bacterial deposition at every formation, degree of  porosity also has a lots of variation, therefore bacterial behaviour are influenced by the rate of soil porosity, the system developed an equation considering  this parameters as a major role in fast migration of bacterial under the influence of this variables, other variables were considered that played other role in the transport were expressed .in  the system, the developed mathematical equation that expresses this study of bacterial  were derived, applying slit method techniques  and  Bernoulli’s method of separation of variables, the developed equation are derived applying these concept  were the equation   express the parameters  at various  state with their  functions   at different phase of the transport process expressed denoted with mathematical tools, the  model express  base on the behaviour of the bacterial at different phase on  the transport  process to soil and water environment

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