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An insight to effective management of airport environment and aviation safety

A. Hussaini


The compatibility of an airport with its environs is an ideal that can be achieved by proper planning of the airport, control of pollution-generating sources, and land use planning of the area surrounding the airport. Airport Planning must be recognized as an integral part of an area-wide comprehensive planning programme, EAC, (No.139-16). The location, size and configuration of the airport need to be coordinated with patterns of residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural and other land uses of the area, taking into account the effects of the airport on people and, flora, fauna, the atmosphere, water resources, air quality, soil pollution and other facets of the environment. Within the comprehensive planning framework, airport development and operations should be coordinated with planning, policies and programmes for area where the airport is located. In this way, the social and economic and economic impact, along with the environmental effects of the airport, can be evaluated to ensure the greatest extent possible that the airport environs are compatible with the airport, and conversely that the physical development and use of the airport is compatible with the existing and proposed patterns of land use.  An effective management of Airport environment is a must pre-requisite for attaining safety in Airport Environment and in all aviation activities.

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