Achieving healthy environmental sustainability in Ota housing core

R.F. Simon, A.B. Adeboye, O. Fulani



Many challenges of Nigerian urban built environment for over three decades have centered on poor state of infrastructure and services. The numerous effects of rapid urbanization process on housing environment have been identified in Ota - a nodal town that currently accommodates many unwarranted environmental conditions of which environmental degradation and infrastructural decay are obvious manifestation. The environmental audits and surveys carried out in Ota reveals lots of evidences of poor living condition especially among the residents of the old residential enclave of the town. Apparently many reviewed urban revitalization literatures are perceived to have played an important role in the policy towards sustainable development of cities. The study achieves this through a copious review of literature in urban renewal programmes which helps in drawing out many effective urban renewal strategies for Nigerian cities. The study concludes that any development Programme in Ota town should involve Communities participation (also called bottom-up approach). In other words the idea of recognizing contributions by various actors enhances participatory development.

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