The Effect of Selected Polymers on Mechanical Properties of Bitumen

A.A. Alabi, A.A. Shahada, I.B. Garba



The effect of the addition of selected polymers (polyethene, gum Arabic and black butt gum nut) on some mechanical properties (penetration, viscosity, ductility, flash and fire point) of Bituminous Mix was investigated. The challenges facing our constructed road include; inadequate mix composition, low resistance to wear and poor surface finish. Additives, waste polyethene (pure water sachets), gum Arabic and extract from black butt gum nut were added to 200g fresh bitumen (grade 80/100) in percentages of 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30% by weight. From the results, it shows that, for penetration; polyethene was the least with penetration depth of 53.7 at 30%. For viscosity, gum Arabic was the highest with viscosity time 748 (secs) at 30% followed by polyethene with viscosity time 697 (secs) at 30%. The ductility shows that black butt gum nut oil was the best with ductility with 97 (cm) elongation at 30%, followed by polyethene which has acceptable values from 10%-20%. The flash point shows that gum Arabic has the list value of 248°C at 30%, followed by polyethene with 253°C at 30%. The fire point, polyethene was the least with 257°C at 30%.In conclusion, it is found that polyethene modified bitumen has the best result of this experiment the addition of polyethene and gum Arabic makes the modified bitumen harder and more consistent. In ductility test, the result shows that ductility decreases with increasing polyethene and gum. Using polyethene-modified binders also contribute to the recirculation of polyethene waste, as well as to the protection of the environment.

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