Shift Work: Physiological Effects on Railway Industry Workers

D. Singh, S. Kwatra


Demanding work schedules are a fact of life in modern, 24-hour society where large numbers of human resources are involved in rotational task. The study was carried out in Railways to assess the psycho-physiological parameters, coping strategies of reservation counter workers.  The purposive and random sampling design was used. Forty respondents were selected for descriptive and experimental data. The descriptive data was collected through interview schedule. The experimental data was gathered for different physiological parameters. The results reveal significant difference in physiological parameters i.e. blood pressure, heart rate due to rotational job demand.  A manual entitled “Shift Workers Guide” was prepared. This suggests different guidelines to the individual and organization as how to cope better to the job demand. This would then enhance job satisfaction, health status and lifestyle of the employees at domestic level and official front.

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