The comparison of six weeks of aerobics and running on women’s bone density exercising at Ahvaz Naft club

Maryam Seyfi, Masoud Nikbakht


The purpose of this survey has been the comparison of the effect of aerobics and running on the density of active women’s bone in Ahvaz Naft cultural and sportive gym in the period of 6 weeks. This research is one type of usage researches and this way of study is quasi-experimental and is done using a pretest-posttest Model. The sample of this survey is established with 32 active women having average and standard deviation (23.06±2.167), length (162.48±5.02) and weight (61.54±3.91). The subjects were divided in two groups including aerobic exercise (aerobic exercise during the six weeks with 50 up to 75 percent heartbeat, three sessions a week and 30 minutes every session) and running exercise (running exercise during the 6 weeks with 50 up to 75 per cent heart beat, three sessions a week and 30 minutes every session). Measuring of density of hip bone was carried out before and after the period of exercise using of DEXA machine. Firstly in terms of the statistic data analysis the natural of data distribution and homogeneity of variance were studied by Colmogrof, Smironof and lyons test. Then for the study of changes and data analysis the dependent and independent t- tests were used to determine the average difference of intergroup and also to determine the average difference of  intergroup in significant level (ρ=0.05). The results of this survey showed a significant difference between the two exercise groups related to the samples of hip bone. As a result, we recommend the use of running exercise with appropriate exercise load to increase the women’s bone density.

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