Assess the effects of pollutants on the ecological balance of the Caspian Sea

Mehrnaz Baniemam, Farahnaz Lakzaei


Caspian Sea is the opportunities and challenges  and  its role  in shaping  subsequent  ecological surrounding  territories  in  recent  decades,much  attention has been. Understanding  of  factors affecting  the  marine  environment  pollutants, and  the essential   first   step  to  improve and  restore  theses  ecosystems is  valuable  , Water  now  flowing  at 130  River poured into the Caspian  Sea  and  the  waters are polluted  Caspian Sea is the   largest  source of  pollution. There are  various pollutants  on the larval  stages  of  fish  eggs  and creating genetic and behavioral  problems , reproductive  endocrinology  affects  them. New threats  from  other  Caspian  species invading  the  shoulder is reduced  significantly  large  population  of  plankton  and geo-plankton , fish  eggs and  larvae  fed  from  a  severe  drop  in population, especially  the  Sturgeon  fish , food  chain  disruption  and  order collide  is  the  Caspian Sea  ecosystem.122 thousand  and  350  tons of  annual  oil pollution,304tons of cadmium  and lead into the Caspian  Sea  are tons. Most  oil pollution from  neighbors  that  the  North Sea  due to the  slope of  the Caspian  pollution  is  advancing  toward  Iran. Pesticides  use  and  management  of  biological  methods  of  strggle   and  Integrated   pest  management, weeds  and  diseases , an important  step in  achieving  sustainable  agriculture  and   consequently  causes  a sharp  reduction  in  farm  effluent  polluting  the  environment, particularly  agriculture .At  the  same time  implementing  unit  management  to  protect  rivers  as  he. Also in the framework  of  cooperation and  the annual  meeting  five  Caspian     neighbors  agreements based on  principles  of  exploiting  sea  resources  and  signed  protocols  for  monitoring  and  evaluation  be  carried  out  to  define  and  adhere members.

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