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Women participation in agriculture and rural development activities in bengaje community of Sokoto state, Nigeria

B.Z. Abubakar, J.P. Voh, B.F. Umar, S. Khalid, J. Aigbe, A.B. Aliyu


The study was conducted to identify and asses the various community development programmes designed and implemented by Sokoto Agricultural and Community Development Project (SACDP) with the assistance of international funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) among women participants in Bengaje Community of Sokoto State. A simple random sampling technique was employed to select 20 project participants in the village. Structured questionnaire, descriptive statistics such as frequencies and percentages and also participatory methodology such as focus group discussion and pair wise ranking were used to analyze the data.  Results show that majority of the participants (75%) are married and undertook animal rearing as their major occupation. Results further showed that (85%) of the participants were involved in decision making, which enhanced their participation. Pair-wise ranking showed mosque completion as the most preferred activity, followed by community development workers. Recommendations made in the light of achieving people’s participation include; provision of more infrastructural facilities (e.g construction of mosque), provision of improved breeds, credit and income generating activities.


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