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Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and corn cultivars on corn silage yield

Masoud Mohseni, Mohammad Hossein Haddadi, Maryam Yousefnezhad


A split plot experiment using the randomized complete block design with three replications was carried out at the Gharakheil Agronomic Research Station of Iran in the crop year 2014 to evaluate the effects of nitrogen fertilizer and cultivar on forage corn yield and yield components. The main-plot factor included three corn cultivars (SC704, SC677 and SC400) and the sub-plot factor, four application rates of urea (100, 200, 300 and 400 kg/ha). Analysis of the data showed that the effects of cultivar and rate of urea application and their mutual effects on most of the studied traits were significant (α=5%). The mean comparison, using the Least Significant Range (LSR) test indicated the maximum forage and dry matter yields (40.95 and 12.90 t/ha, respectively) were obtained in the treatment of SC704 and urea at 200 kg/ha.


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