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Yield and yield contributing characters of mungbean as influenced by zinc and boron

Mohammad Sohidul Islam, Kamrul Hasan, Nur-A-Alam Sarkar, Ayman EL Sabagh, Emad Rashwan, Celaleddin Barutçular


A field experiment was carried out during February to April 2014 at the Crop Museum plot, Department of Agronomy, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Dinajpur to investigate the effect of zinc and boron on growth and yield characteristics of mungbeen (BARI mung-5). In this study mungbean plant was affected by three zinc levels (0, 1.5 and 3.0 kgha-1) and three boron levels (0, 1.0 and 2.0 kgha-1). It was conducted by RCBD with three replications. The yield and yield contributing characteristics of mungbean plant was significantly affected by the different levels of zinc and boron. The maximum plant height, number of branches plant-1, number of pod plant-1, pod length, number of grains pod-1, 100-grains weight, grain yield, stover yield, biological yield and harvest index were recorded from in the treatment combination of Zn1B1 (1.5 kg Zn ha-1 and 1.0 kg B ha-1) among all the treatments. From the yield and yield traits, it is clear that 1.5 kg Zn ha-1 + 1.0 kg B ha-1 of was congenial for the cultivation of mungbean.


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