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:: Advanced Biomedicine                                                                               
:: Advanced Engineering Technology and Application                                                                                      
:: Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences                                                                          
:: Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Letter                                                           
:: Emergency Medicine and Medical Research                                                                       
:: Information Sciences Letters                                                                                                               
:: International Journal of Learning Management Systems                                                                                       
:: International Journal of Macroeconomic Analysis
:: International Journal of Microbiology and Allied Sciences (2014-) Nepal
:: International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry
:: International Journal of New Horizons in Physics                                                                               
:: International Journal of Thin Films Science and Technology                                                                                      
:: Journal of Analysis & Number Theory                                                                          
:: Journal of Ecology of Health & Environment                                                           
:: Journal of Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials                                                                      
:: Journal of Organic Chemistry Research                                                                                                               
:: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Chemistry                                                                                       
:: Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability
:: Journal of Statistics Applications & Probability Letters
:: Journal of Students Research
:: Mathematical Sciences Letters                                                                               
:: Organo Opto-Electronics                                                                                      
:: Progress in Fractional Differentiation and Applications                                                                          
:: Quantum Information Review                                                           
:: Quantum Physics Letters                                                                       
:: Sohag Journal of Mathematics                                                                                                               
:: The ICHPER-SD Journal of Research                                                                                       

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